How To Choose The Right Wedding Ring? (Complete Guide)

wedding rings

Find the special one you want to marry? Check.

Plan the perfect wedding day? Check.

Choose a wedding ring? Hmmm.

We understand that this is quite an overwhelming task and a lot of feelings are attached to this purchase. Wedding Rings are a symbol of love and a token of commitment. Plus, not to forget, your better half would be showing off the ring to their entire circle of friends and family. Whether it’s the bride or the groom, it is equally difficult for both to choose the perfect  Wedding Bands for each other. Wedding Bands for men are still hard to find than Wedding Bands for women. But don’t worry, Mahroze Jewellers has you covered with this ultimate guide to choosing the right wedding ring.

You must have heard the saying – “New Ring always fits”. However, as assuring as it sounds, wedding rings are not one-size-fits-all. Just as you want your wedding day dress to fit you perfectly, choose the wedding ring that instantly impresses and flatters your better half’s finger too. Certain ring styles fit only on a certain finger shape. Hence, let’s get through the guide on how to find that perfect fit.

Wedding Ring For Your Bride-To-Be

So when you have finally decided that this is the time to choose the wedding ring for your lady love and the question has popped – How do I choose a wedding ring? Then this is the article for you as here, we have some tips for you.

  • Short Fingers

Long and thin – yes, that is the illusion you can create of your lady love’s hands by getting the right ring. Rings studded with crystals and thin metal bands (that we have at Mahroze Jewellers) are what you should prefer if she has delicate short fingers. The magical combination of stones and delicate bands will elongate the overall look of her fingers. Our top-selling rings that make up a perfect wedding ring for a bride-to-be with shorter fingers include this gorgeous Emerald Ring or this stunning Solitaire Couple Ring, both from our amazing collection of Commitment Rings.

Short Fingers

  • Long Fingers

Does your better half have long and slender fingers?

Well, we must say, she is blessed with the most elegant, beautiful and desirable shape when it comes to hands. Honestly speaking, long fingers can pull off every style of wedding ring, very gracefully. However, if your wife-to-be likes going bold with accessories, you should get her a Fingerring studded with a round crystal. Though honestly, her graceful long fingers will look equally good when wearing any style of ring, whether it’s our Solitaire Wishbone Couple Ring or the Solitaire Crown Ring.

Long Fingers

  • Wide Fingers

Is your fiancée always conscious about her wide fingers and is very picky when it comes to wearing Rings On Fingers? The best way to win her heart on your wedding day is by getting her a wedding ring that covers her fingers amply – as lavishly occupying as possible.

Classic stone-studded designs and thick bands make a perfect wedding ring for a girl with wide fingers. And wide fingers means that you can choose from a wide range of statement-making rings at Mahroze Jewellers, just like this modernity-inspired Flower Ring from our collection that balances grace and visual appeal for wider fingers. Though, if you want a more delicate-looking wedding ring, you can also get this lovely and elegant Silver Pave Ring.

rings on fingers

Wedding Ring For Your Groom-To-Be

Are you planning to honor your relationship with the special man of your life with a wedding ring? We know, buying a wedding ring for a man is very confusing. The ring should portray elegance and have a timeless appeal at the same time.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the countless options to choose from.

But if you are looking for designs as unique, classy and trendy as him, then get him a Lucifer Ring. Just like this exotic one with a maroon studded stone aka ruby at Mahroze Jewellers. Its both - modern yet traditional. Rest assured, this will be a ring that your man will irresistibly and very  gladly want to wear on his ring finger every day.

Men’s Rings

However, if your man dresses up mostly in jeans and a casual t-shirt, we suggest buying a wedding ring that has minimal adornments. To find the perfect one that fits your man’s style, explore through our collection of Men’s Rings.

Shop At Mahroze Jewellers

By now, you must have found the perfect wedding ring of high-quality for your better half, that too at an affordable price. However, if you still want some more options to choose from, visit our webstore or start talking to us on Facebook. On our online store, you will find thousands of couple ring designs to choose from and other elegant jewellery pieces for every joyous occasion that will come forth post your wedding. Yes, we are talking about those endless post-wedding dinners.

Moreover, we also provide our customers with a complimentary service of delivering every order anywhere in Pakistan. Moreover our rings and all jewellery pieces are wrapped and sent in a gorghous  gift packaging – an exquisite blue gift bag with a classy red ribbon.  So all in all, buying a wedding ring from Mahroze Jewellers is a win-win.

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