Top 5 Perfumes For Men That Make Perfect Gifts

There is no such definition that gifts for men can only be roses or a watch. What if we told you that it can be a scent of fresh grass, spices, or musk? But we agree, choosing the Best Perfume To Gift a Man can be a challenge. You can either play it safe by getting him the perfume that he usually wears. Or, you can try something new that defines your mood of the occasion – whether his birthday, your wedding anniversary, or Valentine’s Day? Do not get confused. Our team at Mahroze has this blog covered for you on the Top 5 Perfumes For Men from our collection that make a perfect gift for HIM.

1. Sauvage – Christian Dior

Sauvage is a classy fragrance from the famous perfume house of Christian Dior. This alluring and smooth scent has been one of our personal favourites as it promises decent longevity and is warm. We promise, once you gift Dior Sauvage to your special man, you will LOVE him smelling this good every time he wears it.

Dior Sauvage

2. Bottled Night - Hugo Boss

Bottled Night Hugo Boss is a musky, masculine, and soothing explosion of scents that makes the Best Perfume Gift for Him. With the top notes of lavender and woodsy base notes, it makes an intense and exotic fragrance. If you want to gift your man that one go-to fragrance for every date night during the winters, THIS is the ONE!

3.  Burberry Touch

This fragrance by Burberry needs no introduction. One of the most notable and top-selling perfumes in our collection - Burberry Touch, is known for its peppery and fresh aroma. What makes this perfume most attractive for men is that it is warm, sophisticated, and refined ON-POINT. If your special one is a man of character, gift him this perfume. Once he wears this scent and the soothing smell lingers around, you will fall head over heels in love with him!

Best Perfume Gift for Him


4.  Acqua Di Gio Giorgio Armani

An intense and warm fragrance with a little bit of spiciness that is inviting and attractive – making it a perfect way for your man to garner your compliments. What makes Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio an ideal gift for HIM is its subtle elegance that will make you happy that your man smells SO GOOD.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

5.  Polo Red Intense Ralph Lauren

You might be thinking, citrusy fragrance on this list? Well, you are right because the Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren comes loaded with strong notes of citrus fruits like cranberry and grapefruit. The major players that change the scent’s game are pleasant notes of lemon and coffee. Not to mention, this Top 5 Perfume for Men will smell heavenly, and you would not resist passing him a compliment.

Top 5 Perfume for Men

Found the perfume that HE will love spritzing on every day in these Top 5 Mens Fragrances, or you still need some more options? Visit our Perfume for Him collection at Mahroze to find the one that will please your and your man’s smelling sense!



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