What Is A Pavé Wedding Ring And Its Types?

Are you finding a wedding ring for your lady love? Well, that is a BIG decision because you are about to make such a huge commitment. We at Mahroze Jewellers love helping people find that perfect wedding ring for HER. And right now, the Pavé Wedding Ring trend happening is our favourite.

Pavé is a French word used for Pavéd – describing a set of small crystals or gems inlaid onto the surface of a metal beautifully and distinctively. When slid in the delicate fingers of a woman, a Pavé Band Ring looks absolutely gorgeous and memorable. Want to know what are the types of pavé rings that you can choose from for your BIG DAY? Here is a list of top-selling types we have at Mahroze Jewellers.

·         Simple Pavé Band

If you believe that your loved one prefers a ring that is subtle yet beautiful, then our Ornate Pavé Ring might be exactly what you should get for your wedding day. This kind of Pavé Setting Ring does not feature a large stone, but a delicate band with sparkly crystals laid onto it. Once you slide it onto your lady love’s ring finger, it will look very elegant.

Pavé Setting Ring

·         Multiple Band Weaving

The look of a simple pavé band is attractive but you want something flashier for your wife-to-be? Grab this multiple band Crisscross Pavé Ring with small crystals on metal bands entwined together intricately. Being one of our top-sellers, this ring is an endless fashion statement.

Crisscross Pavé Ring

·         Multi-colored Complement because why not?

A Pavé Wedding Ring with multi-colored crystals is a perfect choice to make your lady go head over heels in love with you. Here at Mahroze Jewellers, we have this Halo Pavé Ring with multi-colored crystals engraved onto the band – adding an element of grace. What we personally love about this ring is the golden band, balanced with the striking crystals elegantly to make a KILLER combination.

Pavé Wedding Ring

Why Are Pavé Rings Setting Ring Goals?

One of the reasons why pavé rings are one of our best-sellers is because of their sparkle and elegance. The crystals on the metal band allow more light to reflect off the finger – making it more dazzling to the eyes. And best of all, it will add that extra touch of glamour to your lady love’s finger without costing you a fortune.

Now that you know why pavé rings are famous among brides and if your wedding day is nearing soon, it is time that you grab one for your special lady too. At Mahroze Jewellers, we have a huge collection of pavé rings that you can explore to find that perfect Pavé Wedding Ring for HER!

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