Why MAHROZE doesn’t have Nose Pins?

Why MAHROZE doesn’t have Nose Pins?

Like other piercings, one negative aspect of a nose piercing is that it requires proper cleaning over time. Without proper cleaning, some bad skin conditions can arise. These include:
1. Allergies
Some people may be allergic to the metal inserted for piercing or to the latex gloves used by the person who is piercing the nose.

2. Rejection Of Ornament
This is also a form of allergy towards the metal used for nose pin and it may not let the nose pin fix into the nose.

3. Infection
Since the bacteria are also present in the nose so nasal piercings have a high chance of being infected with eventual pus formation.

4. Bleeding
Mild bleeding may occur occasionally due to rupture of a blood vessel.

5. Scar Formation
Scar formation is the common complication of getting the nose pierced. It can be prevented by proper care after piercing.


Nose pin available hai

Rajab Ali September 13, 2020

Nose pin available hai

Haroon Khan August 12, 2020

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